I'm not a mind reader, but I think I know what you're thinking by now:
'Well this is easy. I just get links coming to my site which are relevant, authoritative, and placed within the main content body.'
Yes, and no.
Your absolute focus should be on trying to acquire high-quality links with these attributes. There's no doubt there. But to give your website the best possible chance of dominating Google's first page, you'll need to give off the same signals any naturally authoritative website would (whether you are one or not!) ..

Although our offices are based in London and Hull, we also offer SEO services to many other areas of the UK.

Having a dedicated team that work remotely enables us to provide affordable SEO services compared to many other local SEO companies.

As we have many years of experience and excellent processes in place, our SEO agency is able to hire qualified staff as and when required, consequently allowing us to scale up to meet our customer's exacting requirements.

If you're just starting your website or business, then listen up. Ranking young or newly-formed websites must be done delicately.
Like the father who doesn't trust the new boyfriend his daughter just brought home for dinner, Google doesn't trust new websites. If you're brand new, your link profile will be under much scrutiny in the beginning.
This is all very much connected to the previous idea of ​​consistency in link acquisition. It's completely unnatural to launch a website on day 1, only to have Google discover 500 links on your site a week later. Google crawls Billions of sites a year, so it gets to know very well the link patterns of'natural' websites not trying to game the system ..
The key takeaway should be this – it's always best to start building links slowly in the beginning. Think SEO tortoise and not SEO hare.